Custom pieces

Custom Pieces

Fie has a deep passion for designing customized pieces. Jewelry is an exceptionally personal thing and has a sentimental value to many people. You might have an heirloom piece that needs a modern touch or you might need help to create the piece that will make your heart skip a beat.

Fie is very fond of creating unique heirlooms that can be handed down in generations, bringing joy to many. She takes each assignment very seriously and with a humble and respectful attitude. She customizes unique items for clients not only in the US, but worldwide, latest in Paris, Copenhagen and London. 

Fie creates pieces that easily fit the specific and individual style for each client and thereby make each piece live longer. Her raw signature look gives the vibe of liquid gold and makes the diamonds and precious stones fall organically as if they are dropped in sand. Fie Isolde’s play between femininity and masculinity and her desire to create unisex pieces for everyone allows her to create beautiful and unique peices for both women and men.


All pieces are one-of-a-kind handmade in solid gold, diamonds and/or unique stones, therefore each piece might vary a bit in shape and color, making them extra distinctive and personal. 

Fie Isolde takes great pride in designing authentic pieces for every occasion. Let Fie help you create your next favorite piece.


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